Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Tally Ho

Watch Out

Heard from Posh Bloke .............Yes he text ed me to say we should have a date when he gets back from Dubai.....
Well i never ..........was i supposed to be grateful he eventually called ?
Was i his English bit of fun?
Bloody cheek .....i thought ,he can t just call after 5 weeks of no communication ..can he?
I was pleased none the less ...and may go on date ,...i see how i feel ...
I have a feeling this next date will be full etchings and i don't think he deserves my Monet yet ,after how hes behaved .
You may have noticed i have taken previous posts off ,this is because i had a fabulous date on Friday with an eminent Lawyer from New York who gayly informed me that everything i have written could potentially be extremely libelous !!!!!!!
So i am going through each draft with a fine tooth comb just in case .
I personally think he is more concerned about the possibility that i may have mentioned something about his kinky sex life ( not that he has one libel libel libel )
So to catch up a brief resume
Wifey getting fatter .....that's a fact
MM is getting lovelier ......fact
Posh Bloke has called ....fact
Ive lost no weight and remain connected to my slendertone machine night and day .......Fact
Estate agent is Hawaii ....with suspicious package .....Fact
All my lovely friends remain lovely ........absolute fact
I off to Cartier Polo with a mystery man ......Fact

Monday, 7 July 2008

Coming Soon

New posts coming soon ....lots to tell ...old ones in hiding for while ...xxxxx